torsdag 29. november 2012

Moccapi in a cisco pix box

I had an old defect Cisco PIX box laying around, and it turned out to be a perfect house for my moccapi. The ethernet and USB ports fits perfectly into the old wan/lan ports and with a little soldering I may even get the serial console port going, by connecting the rx/tx pins from the PI GPIO. I openef the USB power supply and integrated it into the box, now only one 240V power cable supplys both the pi and the 240V output that will Control the coffee machine. I did some changes to the concept. The original idea was to use Python and pymcu to control a relay, now I have just a solidstate relay connected to the GPIO on the PI. Simplified. I have installed clish on the pi, a cisco cli like command line tool. Now I can make coffee using Cisco like commands.

I've also added a netgear mini USB wifi dongle, as I have no ethernet connectors in the kitchen. The wifi dongle was plug and play, easy to get up running.

The project is almost complete in version 1, now I just need a coffee machine that consumes less than 1000W, due to relay limit.

Next, I will add a webcam to monitor the coffee progress :-)