onsdag 25. juli 2012

MoccaPI rated top 10 raspberrypi projects on techrepublic


Just discovered that my Project is on top 10 coolest raspberrypi projects on Techrepublic. Thanks for the referral!
Great motivation for completing the project.

Guess there are other geeks out there that finds this idea to be fun.

Still no PI

Just a quick update. This prosject is not dead, I'm just waiting for my PI to arrive. I ordered from RS online in february, still no sign of the PI. I have a friend which just got his PI from Farnell, even though he ordered 2 months after me. So I've just ordered from Farnell, they promised to send me one within 5 weeks! So stay tuned for updates.

I've also ordered a TTL controlled Relay from Robonor (Norwegian Sparkfun Supplier) for controlling the power on the machine.