søndag 25. mars 2012

Current source code

Click here to download latest build (currently in development so don't expect too much)
You need to install the pymcu and python modules as described here: http://pymcu.com/Installation.html
You also need to download miniboa and put in the same folder as the coffeeserver.py.

D1 on the PYMCU is the LED indicator used showing coffee in progress. Please add 330ohm resistor in series with the LED.
D2 is a beeper element that indicates start and stop of the process.
The relay controlling the power for the coffee machine is not yet implemented, this part needs additional powersource to drive the relay.

There is a timeout of 30 secs for the process.

Next part. Get sensors for waterlevel.

The PYMCU module has arrived!

Finally got the PYMCU IO controller: Still waiting for the Raspberry PI, but without it, I can start testing the PYMCU from my pc.
I soldered the pin contacts to the circuit board to allow me to quickly connect the PYMCU to an experiment board.

The I started with the LED sample here. A little cut and paste, and the telnet server now can control the LED:

Now, I need to find a way to control the relay from PYMCU.

onsdag 14. mars 2012

A coffee machine and a mediacenter

The Raspberry Pi has HDMI out and the ability to run XBMC. How cool wouldn't it be to have a coffee machine as MediaCenter?

tirsdag 13. mars 2012

The Code

I need a telnet library in Python to enable network control for the coffee machine. As I'm lazy I just downloaded this chatserver sample code based on miniboa from here to start with.

Current result:

The Idea

As a computer geek I've allways wanted to be able to telnet into the coffee machine and start coffee production using a command. I've seen this done using arduino:
But after the release of Raspberry Pi, I thaught this would be a nice platform for the project. But the Pi needs an IO controller to control the Coffee machine. I found this python controlled USB IO card that would fit perfectly pyMCU. The components has been ordered. PI 25$, pyMCU 25$, a coffee machine, about 25$. In addition I need some relays, cables and a SDCard. Total cost about 100$.